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Before You Amputate, CALL US! You have options for your wound care. We are Wound Care focused on Amputation Prevention.
Wound Care


In-home wound care appointments are now available for our patients in place of an office visit. Ask if you are a candidate. Some qualifications include:  Homebound  patients that utilize ambulance to transport, patients who have transportation issues, home health referrals, and doctors office referrals.  This service is available in Barbour, Dale, Henry, Houston, Geneva, Pike, and Coffee county. 



Antibiotics are an essential part of our treatment process. If our patients require the immediate treatment by antibiotics via a PICC line, we can treat them the same day at our in-house infusion center. 



Preventing amputation and giving our patients the best success rate is our most important goal. DNA testing on cultures allows us to treat a variety of bacteria simultaneously leading to quicker recovery times and amputation prevention.Vascular testing is one way we treat our patients' overall health.

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General Surgeon
Dr. Doug Duke

Since 2009, I’ve been dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care, but always with a human touch. My passion for helping others led me to pursue a career in the Medical field, and I’ve never looked back. If you’re looking for personal attention from a doctor whose main priority is your health and well-being, you’ll be in good hands with me.

Saving Life and Limb. Call Dr. Duke. 

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